Moving On…

So the past week has been difficult in terms of my personal life, but also in terms of my writing. I decided to remove all my books off Amazon exclusively and Lulu, and have made a move to Pronoun is an self publishing e-book website which distributes to Amazon, ibooks, Googleplay, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. Therefore, I will be getting more exposure for each of my books. Most of the books have been re-edited, reformatted and have had new covers made for them. All the books are no longer available from KDP and the paperbacks have been removed from Lulu. I am still using Lulu but I wanted to start fresh and hopefully not have the older versions available. I am still in the process of making paperback copies, but ebook versions of all my books are available.




When Christine discovers that her fiance has been cheating she sets out to discover the truth. What she doesn’t realise is who he has been cheating with, and then she comes up with a plan. A short story of love and betrayal.

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