Why I have a book coming out…

So I guess I can be classed as an upcoming author now. Hmm, not something I thought that I would ever say about myself. So how come I am able to say it now? Well ‘ll start at the beginning. My mate got me into fanfiction in 2006 and I became obsessed – I spent most of my time producing stories and writing down ideas. I loved writing, and my writing was getting good reviews. But then in 2008 I attended university and I found my time to write became very limited and I was barely producing anything. Then last year I decided that I wanted to move away from fanfiction and try my hand at writing something non fanfictiony.

So I did and I found that I preferred to write in this style. Although it was harder because I had to think of characters and settings myself instead of them already being preset for me. But I came up with a few ideas and I posted them onto a side called Mudboard and again they seemed to be getting good reviews. Even at this point publishing had never occurred to me, I just enjoyed to write. Then I started working and my writing got pushed behind, I struggled to find the energy to be able to produce anything more than a few hundred words. But whilst I was at work I met Clive, who is now known as my publisher, and things changed. He brought out his own book so I asked for his opinion on my work and he suggested that I get published. Turns out, he is part of a publishing group and would help me on my way, so here I am, at the stage of preparing my work to go to the editors.

Its’s a terrifying and scary thought thinking that I am allowing my work now to be read by people. Although I suppose posting it on websites allows people to read them. But I think this is different, this is allowing people to come across it on Amazon and thinking ‘Oh I may read that’ but I guess I will see what happens when it comes out.

So that’s my little  post on how I have a book coming out in the Winter.


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