First Draft….DONE

OK so I have just finally finished typing the last story meaning that the first draft of the book has been done. I have been editing along the way so hopefully when it gets sent to the editor there wont be many grammar/spelling errors to change. I am dreading it coming back from the editors/proof readers, I am scared to hear what someone who isn’t a friend thinks of my work but I guess I will find out soon enough.

You may have noticed the picture on the header. That is part of the cover of the book designed by the wonderful and talented Lindri Hopkins who spent a lot of time designing me great covers that I chose which I wanted many times till she presented me with that one and I fell in love with it. She had such a good idea of what the book was about and created a cover the represented that.

Also, under book, I have posted an unedited first draft of one of the stories from the book as a teaser sample to try and increase awareness of the book. Please leave me comments to let me know as I rely on you guys to help me give you what you want.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the book and provide more information on a release date when I have it.


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