Wow, so I haven’t been on here for a while. I just haven’t had the chance (or much energy) lately to be honest, we have been understaffed and overworked at work and I have not had the time to write let alone do much else. But good news, the book is being prepared in it’s final stages and there is a release date of 15th September, so just over a week to go…eeek

I have written down a tonne of ideas of stories that I would like to work on and at the moment I have started to write one about a killer doctor…more details to be be revealed when I have written more of it, but I am currently working on it and very much enjoying writing what I have for it so far.

I have a launch party on the 15th. Well I say launch party, its more like me, friends, family and colleagues are going to an Indian restaurant to have a meal in order to celebrate the book going out. Just something nice and small for now, just to get the people I work with knowing about the book.

In terms of advertising, I will admit that I haven’t done much at the moment so I would appreciate any of you coming to this site to help me to promote the book so I at least know that what I am writing is being enjoyed by others.

As for a little surprise, I am working on getting some guest bloggers on here to provide incites into their writing, as well as helping each other to promote our books so keep an eye out for that. Anyone willing to write a post on the site then please let me know and we can have something set up.

I am going to go and enjoy the little sun that we have, and possibly do some more writing about the murderous doctor, and I will keep you updated along the way. Thanks for all of you who are supporting me, it means more to me that you will know.


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