Hi guys just a quick post to remind you that TEA TIME TALES has now been published =)

I know I said that I would try and post more often but truth is I haven’t been writing much lately because work is becoming exhausting but I am trying to do a couple hundred words during lunch breaks if I can get the chance. I have stopped working on the crime novel for the moment and am working on a novella that I started last year and decided that I would like to continue so that is going to be my current project. I will post more information about that in the New Year.

I thought I would take a few minutes to give a huge thank you to Clive Pearce who is my publisher and has put up with my nagging for months whilst I take this journey into author-hood. Clive is one of the proud owners of TIN HUT TALES (http://tinhuttales.co.uk) and TIN HUT TALES PUBLISHERS (http://www.tinhuttalespublishers.co.uk) and helps new authors, like me, make their first step into the big bad world of publishing.

Clive is no stranger to this world. His first novel Welsh Love Story is a hit amongst the locals for the wittisms and characteristics of a beloved welshman. Clive has also written some children’s books which are proving popular with the youngsters. To see the completed works of Clive click here.

On a final note – I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Until next year


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