Interview – Ashley Howard

I have had the opportunity to interview Ashley Howard of


So thank you Ashley, tell us a bit about your books
So far I have two published books. Both are children’s novels. Ghostnapped is a scary story about Alex, who has to rescue her little brother when he is taken by a ghost. It’s a story of the past and the present that has really appealed to boys and girls. My second book is very close to my heart. Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist is about my first Labrador Obi. He tells my two girls (Maddy and Aijay) of his first adventure. It’s a lot of fun and kids have really enjoyed reading it. I am currently having my third book – The Homework Goblin published. This is really exciting!
What inspires you to write and are your characters based on anyone you know?
My kids and my dogs inspire me every day. The girls are always asking me to write stories with them and about them. They love seeing their names in print and telling everyone that Mummy is an author! As for the dogs, well I’m very lucky that I get to take them to work with me and I see them make kids happy every day. They are so special I simply have to write about them so I can share them with more of the world!
What hardships have you had to face since you started your writing journey?
Marketing!!! Well it’s not really a hardship it’s just a constant learning curve. I think I am getting somewhere, but it needs to reflect in sales and that’s really hard to do. I am trying a few different things this year so hopefully it will work well. Other than that it’s just finding the time to write.
How do you get through writer’s block?
Sometimes I just have a break, put the manuscript away and come back to it later. I also have a few fun tasks I like to try to get myself writing. Blogging is great, particularly when you have a theme. Often just writing my blog gives me the motivation and ideas to write. It’s also fun just to start typing and see where it takes you!
 How did you know you wanted to be an author?
I just love to write and to read. It’s a hobby, not a profession, but it’s my escape. Writing keeps me young and allows me to be creative (and silly!). It’s also something that I am very proud to say I am!
 What books do you enjoy reading the most, and who are your favourite authors?
I love reading children’s books! At the moment I am reading the Big Friendly Giant by Roald Dahl to my girls. That’s one of the best things about having kids – you get to re live the wonder of all those amazing books. Roald Dahl is and will always be a favourite!!! Really though as long as it has a good story line and a bit of humour I’m pretty happy!
Any information on upcoming books?
I mentioned The Homework Goblin before. It is available for pre order from:
I’ve even done some illustrations for this one and am so excited to have my third book being published. It should be out in the next few months!
Anything you want to say about people who wish to get their work published?
Just keep trying. Rejection happens to everyone, the key is to be confident and to take criticism as a learning curve. It’s important to continuously learn how to improve your craft, but also just to keep putting yourself out there!
You can check out my blogs at:
Or you can see all my work on my webpage:
And of course I am on twitter and face book, so come and join the fun!!/AshleyHowland
Thanks Charlie for the interview, it’s been fun!
For more about her books check them out here:

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