Marquita Herald

Marquita Herald

Tell us a bit about your books
I am passionate about personal freedom and accepting the power and authority we each have to create our own best life, so this is the central theme in all of my writing. In particular, my book Stepping Stones to Greater Resilience is about developing greater resiliency and choosing not to be defined by life’s inevitable challenges and unexpected detours. And in It’s Your Time Now – A Guide to Living Your Life by Design I go into greater detail about how anyone can create meaningful change in your life, regardless of present circumstances.

What inspired you?
From a young age I became fascinated by the way people respond to adversity – how it is that two people can suffer the same type of crisis, and while one becomes mired in negativity and feelings of helplessness, the other doesn’t merely survive, but bounces back stronger than ever. The name for that ability is “resiliency,” but ultimately it comes down to choosing to accept the power we each have to create our own life experience.

What hardships have you had to face since you started your writing journey?
From a business standpoint, one of the biggest challenges has been how difficult it is to get professional reviews for nonfiction – in particular the self-help genre. Many reviewers simply will not accept nonfiction work to review, so you do the best you can looking for alternative sources – other authors, bloggers, business peers, etc. And to be honest the self-help genre comes with its own unique set of challenges. Most people are looking for a quick fix rather than having to undertake any sort of long term change, so there is a tendency to become disillusioned quickly, or to debunk self-help strategies all together. Fortunately, I spent nearly a decade as a life and small business coach so that experience has been invaluable.

What research do you undertake to help you write?
Research studies – piles and piles of research studies. Not the most exciting material, and sometimes I have to reread a report a few times before I get all the technical jargon, but we’re talking people’s lives, so it’s important to me that the advice I share with my readers is based on proven scientific research. I also follow several personal development journals, and of course many of my fellow bloggers to stay current on trends.

Any information on upcoming books?
Actually I just published a new book – Boost Your eBook Sales Experience. Taking advantage of what I’ve learned as a self-published author and tapping into my experience coaching entrepreneurs, this book is about the business of being an author – a “no fluff” roadmap to creating a bridge between the craft of writing as an art, and the business of writing as an entrepreneur.

Anything you want to say about people who wish to get their work published?
You know for a first time author the big thing is to just do it. Do the best you can, but stop expecting the first book to be perfect; just be prepared to go back and revise as you learn and grow. Every few months I go back and read through each of my books and always make at least a few revisions as I continue to improve them.

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