Interview – J Annas Walker


Today I welcome J Annas Walker

Tell us a bit about your books
I have three romance novels with Siren Publishing. The Lost Alchemist is a mainstream, fantasy romance. Scion’s Freedom and Midnight’s Jewel are erotic vampire romances. Currently, Midnight’s Jewel is only available at for the next few weeks but will soon be released to major online retailers.


What inspired you?
My sisters and husband encouraged me to take a short story they liked and expand it. The result was my first novel. My editor at Siren suggested I make the stories more erotic. My Aunt Rita and Cousin Susie rounded out my cheering section, bless them.


Are your characters based on people that you know?
Sometimes I blend several different people together to get a single character. Most of time, I make the individuals up. No one character is a single person I know or knew.


What hardships have you had to face since you started your writing journey?
The Lost Alchemist was really written as a  sci-fi/fantasy story with a romantic interest. I heard all the usual stuff. I didn’t have an agent, wasn’t already published, and didn’t have a genre anyone was currently looking to sign. I was convinced my submissions were deleted without being opened. My husband suggested I try another way. If you want a different result, you have to try a different path. I rewrote it as a romance and bingo! Siren took it.


What research do you undertake to help you write?
I usually start with what I know. Those years I spent up trees with my favorite books has finally paid off. As I write, if I come up with a situation, a historical reference, or an item I need more information about, I head to my local library. I do my best to support real libraries first. If they don’t have what I need or time is short, I hit the internet. Most of my stories involve the paranormal. I can’t very well call up a vampire, werewolf, or ghost for pointers. That gives me the freedom to make up those parts.


Any information on upcoming books?
 I have my first short story coming out Valentine’s Day with Noble Romance Publishing. Water’s Lover is an erotic fantasy romance involving a mythic Scottish creature called an Ashray. My work-in-progress is a sequel to Scion’s Freedom.


Anything you want to say about people who wish to get their work published?
1) Don’t get discouraged. Keep trying.  Not everyone is going to like everything you do. 2) Your editor is trying to help you make the best possible story you can produce. Don’t take the process personally. Use it to grow as a writer and a person. 3) The internet is a big place. It’s worldwide. If no one seems to want your stuff, self publish the thing with PubIt!, CreateSpace, and/or Amazon’s Kindle service.



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