David Monk

Today I have a guest blog/biography from new horror author David Monk. David is currently working on a short story collection and I have the privilege to be writing a story for the book :). This is a great opportunity and I look forward to seeing what the other authors/David has to write. So without further ado, here’s David:

What can I say about me?

Well, I’m an ordinary guy with an over active and darkly twisted mind who spends far too much time letting my imagination run wild. Okay, so I see myself as an average Joe, someone who you would pass in the street and not take a second glance at. You certainly wouldn’t be thinking that behind the smile and nod I just threw your way, I was thinking how you would fit into my next novel. I may even be plotting your demise as you walk casually away without a care. I am a mass murderer who has at times killed over 6 people in one day and in ways you wouldn’t want to think about. Thank God then, that I limit my imagination to the pages of my books.

I have always loved the works of great authors’, such as the late Richard Laymon, Brian Lumley and Steven King. But my tastes are not solely the horror genre, I enjoy a good sci-fi, or thriller or anything the master of adventure, Clive Cussler writes.

So for years I have had these dark thoughts festering in the deep recesses of my mind, the grew until finally I could keep them locked away no longer. In 2011 I released my first novel on the Kindle, Through Her Eyes. I had done it, I had realised my dream by writing and releasing a novel. I was so proud of myself for doing it I felt 10 feet tall. Then the reviews came.

There was nothing more soul destroying then when you read that 1 star review where the reviewer said they couldn’t get past the first page. You put your heart and soul into something and then you’re destroyed by 1 persons comments. I had to admit it though, this person who had shattered my dreams, actually had a point and was correct. My spelling sucked, my grammar was awful and the layout was terrible. But that person never said what they thought of the story. My story. My story that I had worked so hard at for months.

The next reviewer did though. I received an amazing 4 star review. The critic pointed out that there was plenty of errors but the story itself was really good. It followed in this vein, my story was good but my presentation let me down.

So here I was, a normal guy with lots of ideas of books I wanted to write but without the financial funds to hire a professional editor. What could I do?

I had an experience where I heard a young child speak convincingly of an experience she had had. From that time on, I couldn’t get the Splitting Man out of my head. I had to write Henry’s story.

This time I had learned my lesson, I knew I could not hope to edit and correct on my own. So with the help of family and friends, every aspect of the book was scrutinised and pulled apart from every angle by those who gave their time to help me. My second book, Splitting Man was released to many 5 star reviews both in the UK and USA.

It was time to go back, strip it apart and re-write Through Her Eyes. I did that and re-released the new version. I received many emails telling me what a great job I had done and demanding a sequel!

But that had to wait, between health problems and my mind overflowing with new ideas, Through Her Eyes 2 took a back seat.

After successful spinal surgery came the ability to walk unaided again, and the ideas for a novel based in a hospital!! But that too had to wait, the ideas were literally oozing out of my ears before I even made it home. All my efforts went on my third novel, What Awaits. But I just couldn’t clear my mind of other ideas. That was when it hit me, write an anthology, a collection of stories. That way I could empty my mind and so concentrate on What Awaits again.

So, it was set, What Awaits was on the back burner keeping Through Her Eyes 2 company, whilst I emptied my mind.

Now is probably a good place to point out that having published 2 books, I had found a new respect for independent authors. One book stands out in particular that I read, it was called The rise of the new bloods and written by someone that I had never heard of before. K A Hambly I loved it, it was such a fresh take on the vampire genre and unlike anything I had read before. I read it and gave what I felt a well deserved 5 stars. Someone else disagreed and pulled it apart for a few spelling mistakes. It made me so mad, I read a book for the story, why can’t others?

So it got me thinking, there are so many talented writers out there, so many who don’t write for fear of rejection or unfair and hurtful comments. People who have such amazing imaginations and great stories to tell. How great, I thought, how great would it be to be able to work alongside such incredible talents. But how could I manage that?

The wonders of the internet and facebook struck. I was writing an anthology, it would consist of 11 stories. I wanted 15. So from my page a sent out a message inviting any writer to join me and contribute a short story to the collection. The response was great and I got 4 awesome authors to join me.

You may have heard of them. The first was Lisa Williamson, she writes may Genre but mainly Urban Fantasy. She submitted some of her work and I was blown away. To say I loved her work was an understatement, it was truly amazing.

The second person was Terence Byford. He is a suspense/thriller writer whose work leaves me speechless and questioning what I think I know.

Third was like a dream come true, K A Hambly, the author who had blown me away with her own unique take on vampires wanted to work with me. I truly could not believe my luck.

And lastly but by no means least, Charlie Kane. Now whilst I freely admit I had never seen any of her work before, Charlie submitted some of her work that left me stunned. The passion behind the words left me truly excited to bring her aboard.

Having only met 1 of the authors face to face, Terence Byford, I was by no means put off by not having met the others. Something that I would like to rectify some time over a coffee.

The anthology, I hope, will be released in April or May this year. All the authors involved are working very hard on their own work as well as this collection. The word will be spread when completion and release is near.

The anthology does not have a name as yet but the 11 stories I am contributing are as follows:

I Wish, Full Circle, Followed, What He Saw, The Zombies of Illinois, Rhododendron Mile, A Short Break, The Window, Tinkers Bridge, The Witches of Ilfracombe &Ouija. The range from the supernatural, to witches, magic, thrillers and even a comedy horror. The titles from the 4 amazing authors that I am so lucky to have joining me will be released soon.

I hope you continue to support me and all authors who give you their all in the written word. I hope to speak to you soon. There are a few ways to get in touch with me:





you can even email contact@davidmonkauthorofhorror.com


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