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First, I’d like to thank you, Charlie, for being such a generous host. It’s a delight to have Twig Stories shared with your friends and fans on your ‘Tales from Swansea’ blog. We enjoy some of the same genres, and it’s great to connect with another indie author, especially one from Swansea, Wales!

Tell us a bit about your books

Twig Stories are fantastic adventures about tiny, stick creatures living in knotholes of old growth forests in the Pacific Northwest of the US. Climate change is impacting their world, and they must battle the consequences and find ways to adapt. Although Twigs are fantasy, scientific fact is woven into their natural world, and the climate challenges are real, thus the books are considered to be ‘eco-literary’. Children age 8-12 are my favorite readers.

What inspires you to write and are your characters based on anyone you know?

My daughter, Ali…

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