Renee Curtis


Renee’ Curtis
Love/Life Hot in Houston – Published Oct 27, 2012 by Firefly & Wisp Publishing

Tell us a bit about your book:
Love/Life Hot in Houston is the story of Jasen and Adrienne Hawthorne, the daughters of Jay Hawthorne and Maggie de Nantes & Tori Marshall. They have beauty and wealth. They are seeking love and their own way in the world. Along the way they face some pretty difficult situations and hardships and realize that money can’t guarantee happiness. And that finding love is easy, keeping it is harder.

What inspired you?
A dream. I never had any ambition to be a writer but my friends encouraged me to give it a shot. I wrote ¾ of it sitting at work in 2008 and the ending last summer after it sat on my computer for three years.

Are your characters based on people that you know?
I guess there’s a bit of my friends in the characters. But most of it is just my overly vivid imagination. I did try to use everybody in my family’s name. I thought I had but I missed my niece Megan and now I’m paying for that. I promised to write her in as a major character in a future book. I think that will get me back in her good graces.

What hardships have you had to face since you started your writing journey?
Once I had the book mostly written I had no idea what to do with it. Whether it was good or rubbish. I probably wouldn’t have done anything with it but my boyfriend said it was good (and he wouldn’t lie to make me feel good) so I started researching everything on the internet to figure out how to get it published. I considered self publishing but its fairly expensive. My good friend Lisa C. Morgan suggested I submit it to her publisher and the rest is history.

What research do you undertake to help you write?
Other than a trip to Houston one weekend towards the end of writing just to make sure I had done it justice, the small things were found of the internet.

Any information on upcoming books?
I’m writing the follow up tentatively titled ‘love/life Naughty in New York’ and also an erotic collection of short stories that I’m publishing under my SLO 70 imprint.

Anything you want to say to people who wish to get their work published?
Write a good story, edit, then edit it again and then do it a third and fourth time. Look at all of the options out there. Decide what is best for you. Self publishing, traditional, or small press. Create a brand for yourself and never take no for an answer. And believe in yourself.

Twitter: @lovelifeseries


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