Selected Penance

March 7th marks the release of SJ Wardell’s third book and sequel to The Ultimate Selection. Wardell obtained a BA in Prose Fiction Writing and Journalism, Mr Wardell had a desire to give others a friendly helping hand by attending Writing Seminars as a guest speaker, fronting writer’s workshops and writing blogs on request.

Selected Penance is the sequel to the highly acclaimed The Ultimate Selection which was released 2012. So what’s it all about you ask? Well here is the blurb:

Greg O’Hara is back in the long awaited sequel to The Ultimate Selection. After serving a 12 year prison sentence for his hideous crimes, Greg O’Hara is now free to terrorise the streets of the capital once again – London beware…Once known as The Ultimate, Greg has spent his time behind bars wisely: increasing his strength, plotting his revenge and compiling a list of those who need to pay their penance.

Inspectors Bane and McFarland now have their own specialised crime unit, operating outside of the red tape of Scotland Yard. They bring in top US profiler, Babushka Yuri, to close in on their unpredictable suspect, but all is not as it seems. The Ultimate teases them with clues and tricks, but he’s running out of time and cannot do it alone; can they stay one step ahead of the monster he has become? 

Sounds amazing and the cover is to match. There is not long to wait for this book and I am looking forward to how Wardell continues his grizzly detailed crime thrillers.

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