Jennifer Shea



Tell us a bit about your books
My paranormal romance is scheduled to be published through Soul Mate Publishing late 2013. The title is currently in flux but I’ll put an announcement on my website when it’s decided. The book is about a woman named Daria who discovers she is born under auspicious stars. Anyone who drinks her blood will be given powers, anyone who eats her flesh will receive immortality, and if you marry her, you can rule over the supernatural realm. This is my debut novel.

What inspired you?
I find inspiration wherever I go. I’m a curious person by nature and there are often characters or situations in other books that make me ask “why” or “what if?” Those questions usually aren’t answered and my imagination will take off on its own from there.

What hardships have you had to face since you started our writing journey?
I have said I want to be a full-time novelist since I was 16, but it’s hard to find the time to do so, to put aside the practical realities and necessities of life to focus on writing. But that’s what people need to do to achieve success. I finished my first book in 2001, joined RWA that same year, and have been writing and submitting every since.

What research do you undertake to help you write?
I do tons of location research. I had a book set in New York City and spanned major landmarks through the first few chapters. Readers told me they felt they were on the city streets when they read my book and that was gratifying since I hadn’t been back to NYC for 20 + years.

Any information on upcoming books?
The book to SMP has the potential for a series and I have some ideas, but I will be waiting to see how this one sells before I begin writing the next one. I’m also doing another round of editing on my urban fantasy for the next batch of submissions.

Anything you want to say about people who wish to get their work published?
It’s a commitment. You finished the book, now it’s time to take the relationship to the next level. I’ve always known that even if I published a book, that was only one milestone I managed to cross and there would be others ahead. Maybe some I don’t even know about. You have to be willing to commit to the long haul. The road is rocky and filled with setbacks and if you’re not ready to put in the time, take the rejection, you’re going to slip on this uphill battle.
So keep at it!

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Twitter: @jensheaauthor


One thought on “Jennifer Shea

  1. Great interview! I’ve read an early version of Jen’s upcoming release from Soul Mate Publishing and it’s fabulous! I agree with her other readers who say her research on setting makes you feel as if you are there in the story. Can’t wait to see the book on the “shelves.”


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