Chioma Emerole


Today I have the great opportunity to interview Emerole who has published her first children’s book A Rose In The Desert.

Hi Chioma, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. So I had the great opportunity to read your book and I really enjoyed the subject that you covered. I have some questions for you that I hope you don’t mind answering.

So you cover the subjects of peace and kindness. How did you come up with the idea of a children’s book that interpreted the topic?
I came up with the idea of in 2008, at this point I was pregnant and I felt very connected to children all over the world. One day, I was imagining what life was like for the children in different parts of the world and I thought of the ones whose lives have been disrupted by war. I imagined typical day for them and how much they will appreciate a more peaceful existence.

Was it difficult to design a book that didn’t have many words and was easy to read by children?
It is challenging, however, it is a pleasant challenge. The illustrations do a good job of augmenting the story.

What difficulties have you faced whilst writing this book?
Since this is my first book, I’ve had a lot of learning to do. It has been a very interesting experience. Writing the book was easy. Getting it published was more difficult.

How are you finding the marketing of the book?
It’s an on-going process. I would definitely appreciate more widespread publicity and I am currently working on that with my publicist, Rachel Sentes of Gal-Friday Publicity.

Are there any plans to produce more of the Rose series? If so, what other topics will be raised by these books?
I am currently working on a semi sequel to A Rose in the Desert. It is titled The Fearless Foursome, One Blue Moon. It is the story of Rose’s quartet and how they are able to use the musical ingenuity to save their school on the Tibesti Mountains from having to shut down. I think it’ll be an exciting read when it is done.

If you could have one wish what would it be?
I definitely wish for world peace. It’s so hard to have only one wish .

Who has inspired you along the way?
My parents have been awesome supporters. My siblings are also very inspiring, and lately, my 4 year old son.

What advice would you like to give others regarding writing and publishing? Especially if they wish to pursue children’s books?
Write often, network, and be focused on whatever your goal is.

Thank you for your time Chioma and I wish you all the best in your writing.
Thank you very much as well.


Touching, uplifting, and reveling in a child’s ability to appreciate life amidst trying conditions, Chi Emerole’s A Rose in the Desert captures the greatest wish of all children: to have the most stupendous birthday ever. Rose’s heartfelt determination is a gift and her positive nature in the face of unusual circumstances is a tremendous message of hope and personal power; her devotion to friends and family, and her exuberant celebration of life is a wonderful testament to the importance of unconditional love. Told with unbridled joy and enthusiasm, A Rose in the Desert is endearing, heartfelt, and full of life lessons and messages of a truly global community that every child can learn and grow from.

My Review
I had the pleasure of reading this book and i believe that it is a great book for children. there are great illustrations on each page which will keep them interested and quick short sentences which are easy for them to read and will not leave them confused or distracted.
the message of peace and kindness is very evident and shows that the author is compassionate and sympathetic and this is shown in the book, but is not overbearing. kudos to the author for producing a great child’s books and i would be interested in looking at the rest of the series


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