Bryony felt a shock through her body, meaning that Carolina had understood what was going on. She could feel her body being compelled to go to the mirror that was in the hallway. She was thankful that Jackson was at work. Bryony looked in the mirror and could see the look of anger on Carolina’s face.

“How can this have happened?”. She was sending shocks through Bryony’s body as anger ate away at her. “How am I supposed to be avenged if he is not alive?” Bryony did feel sorry for her but she was unsure what she was meant to do. If Ronald had passed away then they would not be able to get him to confess to the murder.

“I need to say the vows” Carolina made Bryony’s eyes suddenly glistened as the idea came into her head

“Excuse me” Bryony was confused at first but it dawned on her what Carolina meant.

“I need to say I do. I should be able to move on then”

“No way” Bryony would not allow the ghost to possess her wedding day as well as her. And there was no guarantee that saying those words at the end of the ceremony would allow her to move on as they both believed that getting a confession would be the only way for Carolina to move on.

Bryony couldn’t believe what Carolina was saying. She wanted to be the one who was saying the vows, essentially being the one who would be marrying Jackson.

“No” she said adamantly. She had been preparing for this day for a long time and there was no way that she was going to let some scorned woman, one who shouldn’t even exist, be the one to marry the man she loved dearly.

“You must let me. I have to move on” The expression on Carolina’s face turned sour.

“How do you know it will even work?”

“I don’t but I need to try. I cannot spend eternity waiting for my soul to move on. I was murdered on my wedding day. If Ronald is no longer alive to confess my death then I must have to say those words in order to be able to move on. Are you going to deny that and allow me to continue to roam. To not move onto the place that I am meant to? Maybe I will not be able to leave your body” Bryony didn’t think of that. She wondered why she had been the body that Carolina had chosen to possess as there had been plenty of possibilities over the past fifty years. She decided to ask.


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