I Do – Prologue

Carolina Haines had been waiting for her wedding day for months and had made sure everything was perfect before she took those steps down the aisle. She was thirty years old and she was finally ready to settle down and start a family. And the day was finally here, after months of preparation she was getting the chance to marry the guy she loved.

As she walked slowly down the aisle her heart began to feel faster and her body heat was rapidly increasing. This was the day that she had waited for since she was a child, the day that she had been planning for as long as she could remember. This was the day in which she was the centre of attention, hearing the gasps and whispers from her friends and family as they looked at her walking down the aisle towards Ronald Haroldson, her true love.

They had been together three years and now she was finally getting the chance to show the world their love. She had spent months preparing for the day, ensuring that the venue was correct and that flowers and the cake was ordered. The dress had taken her a while to find but once she had she knew it was the dress. After a few alterations she was wearing the dress of her dreams, about to marry the man of her dreams.

She looked around the room slowly as she made her way to the altar and smiled, it was more than she could imagine. Better than she had hoped it would be. There was a large canopy that was the main attraction and which was covered in white and peach roses. White material was draped around the room and white and peach covers adorned the chairs. A red runner ran from the door to the altar and was dressed with rose petals. She was approaching the altar when she felt herself becoming weaker and light headed.

Her body was shivering and she had chills but she was sweating at the same time. Her stomach knotted and she struggled to keep herself from being sick, she had only eaten a salad a few hours before the wedding. The lights started to become bright and she could feel herself getting dizzy. She tried to shake the feeling off, putting it down to nerves. She suddenly became weak and had to hold on to one of the chairs for support.

“Baby, are you alright?” she heard the panic as her fiancée rushed to her side and pulled her close to him, holding her as her body shook. In the background the guests were panicking and trying to find a telephone in order to call an ambulance. Her body started to convulse violently and she started to foam at the mouth. She tried to speak but she couldn’t get any words out, foam just appeared more. Her stomach became tighter and the shooting pain was becoming unbearable. She was slipping away from the world; she could feel the darkness consuming her.

She wouldn’t survive to be able to get married; she was going to be leaving Ronald by himself, she wished she could tell him that she was sorry. Sorry for not being able to become his wife. She looked over at him but her vision was becoming blurred.

As her body began to shut down she heard a silent whisper in her ear as she felt arms wrapped around her tightly “I knew I’d get you” the voice was familiar but cruel. She could just make out Ronald’s image. “That money is mine”. Ronald had done this to her, he had taken her life…so he could get the money from her life insurance.


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