Featured Author- Charlotte L R Kane


About The Author:

Charlotte L R Kane resides in Wales and was born in July 1988. She has a degree in Business Management and started writing in 2006 although it was only in 2012 that she thought about publishing some of her work. She writes a variety of topics but prefers to write short stories as she likes quick reads, especially for those who have little time to read due to other commitments.

She enjoys a wide range of authors including Lissa Price, Jennifer Bosworth, J.K. Rowling, Maggie Stievater, Rachel Caine, Kathy Reichs, S.J Wardell, L.J Smith, Suzanne Collins and Stephanie Meyer, and enjoys many genres but prefers young adult and crime/thriller. Her favorite books/collections include Starters, Struck, Wonder, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Morganville Series, and Shiver Series.

When Charlotte isn’t reading, writing, or working she likes chilling in front of the television and watching shows such as Bones, Charmed…

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