Read in 2013….

Just thought I would post a list of the books that I have read this year. I haven’t completed one in a while because I am reading about 3/4 books at the same time, depending on my mood. Plus, with writing I do not have so much time for reading anymore.

  1. Rise Of The New Bloods
  2. Dark Lover
  3. Dead until Dark
  4. Mystery of The Whispering Mummy
  5. The Hobbit
  6. Mystery of The Green Ghost
  7. Mystery of The Vanishing Treasure
  8. Mystery of Skeleton Island
  9. The Fregoli Delusion
  10. Mystery of the Silver Spider
  11. Mystery of the Screaming Clock
  12. Mystery of the Fiery Eye
  13. Selected Penance
  14. Sever
  15. Mystery of The Talking Skull
  16. Secret of The Crooked Cat
  17. The Mystery of the Coughing Dragon
  18. Bitter Blood
  19. 13 British Horror Stories
  20. Blood Passage

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