Selected Penance Review


Selected Penance by SJ Wardell is the third book by this author and the sequel to his first book “The Ultimate Selection”.


Greg O’Hara is back in the long awaited sequel to The Ultimate Selection. After serving a 12 year prison sentence for his hideous crimes, Greg O’Hara is now free to terrorise the streets of the capital once again – London beware…Once known as The Ultimate, Greg has spent his time behind bars wisely: increasing his strength, plotting his revenge and compiling a list of those who need to pay their penance. Inspectors Bane and McFarland now have their own specialised crime unit, operating outside of the red tape of Scotland Yard. They bring in top US profiler, Babushka Yuri, to close in on their unpredictable suspect, but all is not as it seems. The Ultimate teases them with clues and tricks, but he’s running out of time and cannot do it alone. Can they stay one step ahead of the monster he has become?

My Review

So I waited eagerly for the sequel to The Ultimate Selection and I was not disappointed. I was impressed by Wardell’s look at how things would be in 2024 – with technology etc. The book was quick paced and showed a good depth of the characters and allowed you to get inside the minds of those who were in the first book as well as some new characters who were brought in to help. There was just the right amount of gore that did make me a little nauseas at times. Nearing the end of the book I wondered how Wardell would end it and wondered if there would be a chance for another sequel. I was not disappointed in the end and thoroughly enjoyed the book. I hope that Wardell continues to publish his work as there is definitely something that sets him apart from other authors and he has made my list of top authors. Kudos Mr Wardell.


About The Author


S.J.Wardell grew up in north London, UK. Deciding to expand his literary knowledge, he attained a BA in Prose Fiction Writing and Journalism. S.J.Wardell openly admits to his love and respect for the written word. His passion for writing had been hidden away, until his literary calling became too strong for him to ignore any longer, bringing to surface the publication of the highly acclaimed novel, The Ultimate Selection. Using a wide range of indepth research techniques, this authour meticulously researches his subject within his chosen genre. This includes, talking to pathologists, prison guards, a criminal lawyer and a crime scene investigator, which makes his writing chilling and realistic. This demonstrates his strong passion for writing. S.J.Wardell always delivers accuracy within his fiction, with an added raw, gritty reading experience. S.J.Wardell lives in the UK.

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