OKAY so this time I am going to write a post about a band that I have just gotten into and absolutely love. I attended the Wales Comic Con on April 28th in Wrexham and there I got to meet the lovely Billy Boyd, who is best known for his role as Peregrin “Pippin” Took in the Lord of The Rings movies. Having seen the movies (and just started the books I am embarassed to say) I decided that I will get an autograph from him, and I have to admit that I did fansqueal a little when I was stood opposite him.


I was surprised to learn that Billy was the lead vocalist, guitarist and ukuleleist for a band called Beecake. Based in Glasgow, Scottish band Beecake comprise of Billy Boyd, Billy Johnston (second on left), Paul Burke (far right) and Rick Martin(right, next to Boyd). Beecake was formed in late September 2006 over a bottle of malt whisky in a Glasgow bar when the guys remembered how much they loved making music together.

Their band was the headline at the Aftershow Party and I was extremely impressed by them. Their  music was just up my street and Billy made us all laugh by having some difficulties with his electric guitar (he hadn’t plugged it into the amp). There was a charity auction going on with 2 posters – one signed one of the band and the one poster that was behind Billy’s table at the Comic Con. I won the Comic Con one, along with a kiss and two hugs from the man himself – safe to say my heart stopped for a while that night. The poster in question..

2013-04-29 09.09.46

Since being back I have slightly become obsessed and have listened to their albums many times, as well as watching The Forger and The Witches of Oz (both staring Billy). My favourite quote from Witches of Oz.. “I’m Scottish, I know how to use it, Have you not seen Braveheart?” As he brandishes a magic umbrella.

So back to Beecake, the band have a certain style of music that draws you in and I thoroughly enjoyed all their songs. The music is relaxing and calming but also has a soft rock element to some of the songs. I particularly love “Waiting For You” and “Blessed Eyes”. They have made two videos which I have linked below.

Beecake currently have two albums “Soul Swimming” and “Blue Sky Paradise” which are available to buy from their website along with some teeshirts. To find out more about them visit their facebook page to be kept up to date with them. So check them out and help support them by spreading word about them and buying their albums.

On another note, Super Secret Story is largely inspired by a BBC Radio 4 Drama which the main character, John, was portrayed by Billy, and I have sent an inquiry as to supporting their charity through the book, so if I get a response I will provide more information about which charity it is :).

And just for proof I met him:



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