Good News. All my books on Amazon UK are now permanently 99p. On Amazon US they are $1.54. They will be staying at this price so please get them downloaded and enjoy a quick read. If any of you do read them please let me know what you think as I need to know how I can improve my writing for the upcoming books.

Also I have taken a few days off from Super Secret Story as I have began to have some doubts about my writing and was ready to delete my work if I didn’t take a break. Hence the graphic designing, but I think that I am ready to go back to Super Secret Story and I might share some of the story, as well as the blurb later, as I am unsure how long I can keep it Secret. LOL.

Anyways I am meant to be getting ready for work, so I will post more stuff later tonight. Hope you all have a good day.

Over and Out


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