Super Secret Story – Not so secret and needs a name…..

So I have posted an excerpt from Super Secret Story as I have decided that I will not keep it a secret, although I am not sure when I will have it finished, I am having to do a lot of research on the book before I continue.

It is based on Ian Mcmillan’s Love, War and Trains which aired on BBC Radio 4 on 2nd May and the male character was read by Billy Boyd.

SSS (until a name has been found) is about two people, who in 1943, find each other through writing. He is out protecting the oceans, whilst she is in a London Hospital working as a nurse. The two correspond and soon discover that they possess feelings for each other. When he is docked near her they meet and he proposes. She goes AWOL from work in order to be married and to spend a night together. But she is soon arrested from going AWOL and the two are seperated until the war is finished. This is their story, from their points of views as they re tell the story to their grandchildren. It is a story of love, hurt and pain and shows that although the war was a terrible event, people were still able to feel and experience love.

So there we go, please let me know if you like the sound of the book and feel free to provide any suggestions for the story (you will be credited). This is not usually a topic I would read, let alone write, but hearing the BBC Radio 4 drama, the idea came to me and I knew that I had to write it, and I am looking forward to the challenge as an author of producing a piece of work outside my usual comfort zone.

Also if anyone has any suggestions for a name I will be grateful as this is a particularly difficult piece of work to think of a name for. As well as being difficult in ensuring that the facts are correct and I am reading documents and biographies online in order to make sure that what I am writing is correct. I will keep you updated with the progress. At the moment it currently stands at just under 3000 words but I am unsure how long it is going to be.


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