Eilidh Brown

So this post is a little special as is it help promote a charity that I have recently been introduced to and think deserves some recognition. This charity is the charity that I supported by purchasing the Billy Boyd poster at Comic Con and after some research I found out some more information on the website and found it to be a very deserving cause (blame the social services side in me).

This is the background information posted about the charity on the website.

On the 25th March 2010, Eilidh Brown passed away after a 14 month battle with Germ Cell Cancer.She was 9 days short of her 16th birthday. The Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund has been set up by her family to make Eilidh’s wish, of helping others in her situation, come true.The aim of the Memorial Fund is to build and maintain a respite holiday home in the Stirling area for young people and their families who are in treatment for or recovering from cancer. A place where, not only the families can relax and spend quality time together, but they can make memories that will last a lifetime. Before Eilidh passed away, the family took a holiday to Calum’s Cabin, it was their last holiday together

Reading this broke my heart and made me realise that we do not always have the life ahead of us that we believe we do, and if something can be done to help those last months, and the families, then I think we should help in that. Please help this cause by donating, even if it is just £1, every little helps the charity to get one step closer to achieving their goals and helping enrich the lives of others.

Website: http://www.eilidhbrown.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EBMemorialFund

P.S. This is also the charity that Super Secret Story will be supporting


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