I Do – Revised

OKAY so I have had some feedback for I Do and the main problem has been the grammar. I admit that I did rush to get the book out and that I am not the world’s greatest grammar person – especially when it comes to tenses.

So I found a great website on grammarcheck.me and it helped me find the biggest mistakes in the book so that I could rectify them. It is a great site that provides explanations on what the grammar mistakes are and their suggestions. I realised that a lot of mine are to do with the tenses and using unnecessary words, such as, “i have been looking at”, instead of “i have looked at”.

I have re-uploaded the grammar proofed version onto Kindle so tomorrow you will be able to download (or will do automatically) the newer version. I would appreciate if any other mistakes that I have made could be pointed out, as I wish to have the book as professional as possible, without paying a huge amount as it is expensive, and due to not making more than a few quid from my three books I cannot afford to fork out more.


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