Story – Excerpt

It’s sometime in 1943, Edward is not entirely sure of the date as he had lost time as the months went past, especially in the war. Edward is a sailor in the Royal Navy and was posted as soon as he turned eighteen, just over two years ago. Being at sea was soon becoming the only life that he knew. Growing up, he had always wanted to sail the oceans, had always found himself dreaming of the open seas, as he worked his father’s farmland.

Sitting in his cabin, he found himself thinking that it was not the lifestyle that he had always dreamed of. It wasn’t the excitement that he had hoped for; instead, he was facing danger each day. Growing up on an Irish Farm, Edward got to visit the beach once a year on their family holiday. Each time, he would be found sitting by the sea, staring out and imagining what a life on the open sea would be like. He imagined waking up and seeing the openness around him, being able to smell the salt in his cabin. He would be able to have his breakfast on the deck, watching as the sun glistened on the water. Unfortunately, it was not meeting its expectations and instead he woke up each day, his mind wondering if he and his shipmates would make it to the end of the day.

It is dark inside the cabin, the electricity was been cut off by the storms and so they have had to resort to using candlelight. The flame is flickering eagerly and causing dancing shadows on the walls. Edward noticed the letter that is sitting on the small wooden desk. The Captain had enrolled them in a letter exchange programme with other members of the Special Forces within the United Kingdom. He told them that it would help to create friendships and circles outside their assigned ships, and would build their morale. Edward hadn’t taken much interest in it, hence why his letter had stayed on his desk unopened since it had arrived that morning. He decided to read the letter so he sat at the desk and grabbed the envelope. Moving the candle closer, he opened the envelope and pulled out the letter.


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