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So I am currently reading Game of Thrones by George RR Martin and Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers by J R R Tolkien. I have to admit that this is the FIRST time that I am reading either of these books. Shock Horror I know, you can shout at me now! I know that I should have read them years ago, but I never got round to LOTR (though had the books for 10 years) and I have only just gotten into  A Game of Thrones.

I think both John and George are geniuses. To not just create a few characters but to create new languages, new worlds, new religions is something that authors can only dream of. To be inside the minds of these two authors would be an amazing thing, and I really do believe that there should be a gallery of their work/blueprints/notes of their work. I know I would definitely go and visit.

Tolkien takes you away from everyday life by allowing you to experience the trials of a hobbit who has been left with a legacy of his cousin. He must destroy the ring before it destroys him, but of course it is never that simple. We join Frodo, and his friends, through three books of breath taking writing and on each page we are made to feel as if you are there, and hoping the characters will be able to reach their goals.

Martin takes us through 2 worlds in which an Iron Throne is the prize. People have been fighting for the throne since it was created and everyone believes that they have some rights towards the throne. Each book takes us through the characters in the book and allows you to become closer to them and to see the world from their point of view.

Each author has a talent that very few possess. They make the books real. You are in the worlds that they have created, you can see, taste and smell what they describe, and as characters die you feel as if a part of you has died along with them. To me, it does not get any better than that and many authors wish they could possess even half the talent these two did – I know I did.

Are there any authors that make you feel like this? JK Rowling is another author that makes you feel as if you belong in her world, and that the characters are a part of you.


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