That age old question…

Do you find that you are often asked why do you read? Why do you write? I do. And to be honest, I don’t think you can truly answer it. Especially to someone who doesn’t read or write. My answer is because there is something magical in reading, the way you can be pulled into the pages and feeling like that you are there. It is a whole other world, a whole new set of friends for you and it is an escape from reality. But that is only part of the reason, the other part you cannot explain – there is something inside your mind that makes you need to read. Gives you an addiction to see the words on the page.

It is the same as writing – yes I am not that great, and my books are not perfect but I like to write. I do not do it religiously, I do not feel the urge to write everyday, but I enjoy it. You can make the characters do whatever you want, you control the scenes, the people, the words. Again there is something magical in being able to create a new world.

So you can never truly understand unless you are a reader or a writer yourself. I have met some people who have not read a book and it breaks my heart to hear that. But I say, if you do not read the you are the one with the problems, not the person who reads too much.


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