I Do is going to be apart of an anthology by David Monk, but I wished to have it released as a stand alone novel as well. I am pleased to announce that things are progressing with the anthology well and a cover, blurb and a release date has been announced….drum roll…The release date is 24th June. The book, Dark Minds, will be available in both Kindle and Paper format. Here is the blurb:

You are invited to step into the world of the bizarre, where just about anything is possible. Here is a place where anything can and probably will happen. You are entering through a doorway and into the minds of some of the best independent authors about today. Here is presented to you, a unique collection of 15 short stories. There is something inside for everyone. From wondrous tales of magic, to those of an extremely disturbing reality. And from pure fantasy, to the downright terrifying. There are Zombies, Vampires, Demons and Witches to name but a few. They will shock you, bewilder you and scare you half to death. Read on, but once you enter remember, there will be no escape. The door to our Dark Minds has been opened. You are dared to step inside.

Here is the book cover

Dark Minds  front cover

Here are the stories to be included in the book:

  1. Followed – David Monk
  2. A different Kind of Hunt – Lisa Williamson
  3. I Wish – David Monk
  4. Footsteps – Terence Byford
  5. The Invitation – K A Hambly
  6. The Execution – Terence Byford
  7. I Do – Charlotte L R Kane
  8. What He Saw – David Monk
  9. The… – Katt Behrens
  10. William – David Monk
  11. Westwick – David Monk
  12. Reunion – Terence Byford
  13. Full Circle – David Monk
  14. The Zombie of Illinois – David Monk
  15. A Night Away – David Monk
  16. Tinkers Bridge – David Monk

And here are the links to the authors featured in the book

K A Hambly:
Katt Behrens:
Terence Byford:
David Monk:


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