Conrad Acosta


Today we are joined by Conrad Acosta who tells us about his book ‘Dreams of Azernaria’. So take it away Conrad

Once a wonder of the world, the great city of Azenaria now stands blackened and dead. Her streets, once paved with gold, are now filled with the wreckage of crumbling buildings and the invading armies of nature. Deep beneath the ruin and decay, lies an ancient power that threatens the destruction of an ancient race known as O’orn. Only the three Ritchell men can decide the fate of the O’orn, but it will take three generations for the fight to be decided, and for the mysteries to be revealed. Landar, and his two sons, Brevlin and Danshaw, are trying their best to get on with their lives years after their wife and mother died. When secrets from a generation past come back to haunt them, they are torn apart from each other. Separately, they must fight against an evil that not only wants to destroy them, but wants to undo the lives they have created. All three men will be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.

I escaped from Azenaria ten years ago. I was barely alive and I had given up all hope of ever again seeing sunlight. I tried to bury the memories and the dreams, but the more I tried to hide from it, the more it ate away at my sanity. I had to pass on the nightmare. I had to share it with others. This is my story. A full refund will be given to anyone trapped in Azenaria after the sun goes down. No refunds will be given if you are captured by the Chumra. Will you be able to reveal the terrible secret of Azenaria before it is too late?

If you love epic fantasy from the masters like Terry Brooks, Weis & Hickman, David Eddings, and Robert Jordan, you will get lost in Azenaria.  Just pray you can find your way out.

Book II of this epic fantasy series, “Memories Of Azenaria”, will soon be available. Act now and buy “Dreams Of Azenaria” before it is too late.


Conrad Acosta was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. He began reading fantasy at an early age and never stopped. His favorite authors include Weis & Hickman, Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Robert Jordan, JRR Tolkien, Patricia McKillip, Louise Cooper, Stephen King, Tad Williams, Fred Saberhagen, Raymond Feist, and many others.


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