I Do – 5 Star Review

I echo the sentiments that most of the other reviewers have put, in that this has a very good story-line and the concept is something I’ve not read before.

As this is classed as a short story I think the characters (in the little time they had) were portrayed just enough (had it been a longer novel then of course the characters would have had more history, background etc) but that kind of detail was not needed in this instance.

I liked the (without giving anything away here) end part of the florist scene, it was something I could easily visualise and is a classic horror genre moment.

I have read a few negative reviews regarding this story and of course not every story is not going to be to everyone’s taste but for me (again because of its size) it took me away from myself for an hour or two.

There have been comments made about grammar but I personally never comment on this subject as for me the story is more important and my view is that unless I’m perfect I have no room to criticize another, even top professional authors make errors (even with top-notch editors).

With the uniqueness of the plot this could have easily been stretched and turned into a full length novel, really impressed with the concept.


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