The Cleric: Souls Of The Damned REVIEW


The Cleric is the debut novel of author J.R Marshall, who has been a fan of horror for many years and has spent the last few months working aimlessly to get the book ready to be released.


He knew all about Hell, he just didn’t know he was going there … What connects a homeless man, murdered on a busy station platform by an unseen killer, the grave of a man who had died nearly 150 years ago and a peaceful inn that’s set in an idyllic countryside setting?

The sinister secret would soon be revealed to Reverend Lincoln Steele and his family, much to their suffering and torment. The quest that the Steeles are about to embark upon will take them to the darkest depths of horror as they discover the truth that lurks within their own ancestry. The man-of-the-cloth now discovers death and destruction in the wake of the Hunter, a mysterious figure that has a unique method of assassination.
Does Lincoln have the strength, the faith, and the conviction to eradicate the evil that confronts them? Lincoln Steele, the cleric, finds himself in a battle with the souls of the damned. Pray that the Hunter doesn’t find you.

My Review

The Cleric: Souls Of The Damned is an enjoyable read for someone who enjoys a story with a slight gross/murder/sadistic side. There is a lot of action throughout the book and you find yourself being gripped as you need to know what happens. Multiple short chapters allow you to enjoy it as a quick read if you are on the go and you will be left wondering what is going to happen. There are some parts in the book in which I struggle to understand what they have to do with the overall objective of the book, but they are interesting to read alongside the main story line. I think that Marshall has created an interesting plot that I have not read or heard of before and he has created characters that have depth and emotions, and are in situations that make you think about what you would do if you were in their shoes.

Yes, there are some grammar and typos but as a fellow Independent Author I have overlooked these and looked at the story as a whole – as to me that is what is more important than a couple of spellings and some missed commas. Overall, Marshall has produced a good plotline, good characters and a book that will leaving you wanting more. I hope that there will be a continuation of this book as it ends in a cliff hanger and I am wanting more. I await to see what Marshall comes up with next.

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