So Saturday 28th September in the UK brought us the first episode of the BBC Fantasy Drama about a man called Jason who is in search for his father and comes across the strange land of Atlantis. The city of Atlantis is a strange, ancient dwelling; a world of bull leaping, of snake-haired goddesses and of palaces so vast it was said they were built by giants. Young Jason arrives in the city and an epic adventure begins.

I have just caught the first episode on BBC iplayer and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised. It is not a show that I would usually enjoy watching but being a fan of someone who has worked on the show then I had to see it. I was a little apprehensive when it started and I thought it started a little slow but by the middle of the episode I found that I was enjoying and even laughing at some of the lines used.

The characters are well rounded (especially Hercules ha!) and they are characters that are easily lovable. Pythagoras is a great character obsessed by triangles and Hercules seems a little big headed at times, but you cannot help but like him. The main character of the show, Jason, has been thrown into this world whilst trying to find his father and has to quickly adapt to this life.

Atlantis is a show to watch out for and I am looking forward to the future episodes and see how the storyline continues.


  • Jack Donnelly as Jason[
  • Robert Emms as Pythagoras
  • Mark Addy as Hercules
  • Aiysha Hart as Ariadne
  • Juliet Stevenson as the Oracle
  • Sarah Parish as Pasiphaë
  • Alexander Siddig as King Minos
  • Joe Dixon as Ramos
  • Ken Bones as Melas
  • Jemima Rooper as Medusa
  • Oliver Walker as Heptarian

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