This is an online business that I have recently come across and just had to make a post about it. The website is mostly focused on making hand made baby products but offers to create charm bracelets as well, so I have ordered a Harry Potter one and although it is still being made the pictures I have been shown I am very impressed with it.

Sarah, the owner, allows a person to pick what product they would like and personalises them to meet the persons needs. This is something that a lot of companies do not do and it is nice to have one that is willing to listen to the consumers needs.

Here is the description of the business that Sarah posts…”I make all my own door plaques, wall hangings, canvas button pictures, dummy clips, baby yaggys, Mini travel baby taggys, Baby blankets, prampurses, teacup candles, lanyards and many many more most of which can be personalised to suit your needs :)”.

Although there is no physical business (yet) there is a Facebook page and an Ebay Page. Sarah is easy to talk to and listens to what you want and will explain the process of the product and will explain any shipping costs etc. So check it out and see if there is something she can make for you.


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