The high pitched screeching started to become too much for Theo as he worked on his act. He needed to have something that would bring in the audiences as ticket sales for the show had started to dwindle out over the past year. Theo was forced to think of something new to attract the audience before he lost his show. But he was finding it to difficult to concentrate with the screaming of the child in the next door.

“Elsie, can you please calm him?” Theo snapped as he scrunched up the piece of paper and added it to the other pieces that were piling up inside the litter bin.

Elsie walked into the room, a two year old Theo Junior squirming in her arms, still screaming. “Maybe if you offered some help I wouldn’t need to calm him all the time.” Theo looked up at his wife and sighed. Elsie and Theo had been married two years, since New Years 1994, when Elsie had been seven months pregnant.


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