I Do Teaser (Unedited)

Every night Jackson would watch as Bryony tossed and turned whilst she slept, moaning softly and clutching her pillow. Sometimes she would sob gently into it. He wished he knew what was bothering her, to understand what was causing her so much pain. To find out who this Ronald was she was moaning about. Who was Ronald? Did they know a Ronald? He tried to think if they had come across anyone called Ron in their lives, but he couldn’t think of anyone. He wondered if she had been seeing another guy and this is why she had been acting strangely. Did she want to be with Ronald? Did she regret agreeing to marry Jackson and this was her way of telling him that she didn’t want to go through with the wedding.

He was worried by how much she had changed in the past couple of weeks and the person she had started to become, her behaviour had changed dramatically but he had been patient and hadn’t questioned her. It was torture watching her turn into this uglier Bryony, although it wasn’t a term he liked to use lightly. She was making comments he didn’t understand and was acting as if she was fighting with herself at times, even seem to be scared of her own shadow, she was very jumpy. He knew he had to ask her what was bothering her but he was afraid of the answer. Scared to know that he might not be the person that he wanted to marry anymore. He just wished she would have the courage to tell him the truth; that she wouldn’t lead him on. Jackson hoped that the stress of the wedding was the reason why Bryony was acting this way and that once things had started to come together she would return to the woman that he loved.


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