Have you ever wondered what happens when two brothers – brought together by their love of trickery – are pulled apart when one is given an opportunity and the other isn’t? What happens when one brother becomes a star whilst the other brother struggles to make enough money to keep his family? Can these brothers forgive and come together before it’s too late, or will jealousy and resentment keep them apart? Buy now for just $1.25 to find out what happens to the brothers.


They always loved this time of the year. The way the snow dusted the trees in a light coating and the roofs of the houses glistened in the morning sun, the way people’s breath would show in the icy air and how the frost nipped at their skin. It was Christmas Day and the boys had been excited about the holiday since October, asking their parents to put the Christmas tree and decorations up at the beginning of November. This Christmas is where the story starts.

All was  silent on the streets as people stayed inside their homes; in the warmth. Ten year old Harry Houdini was the first to wake and looked around the room, noticing the overflowing stockings at the bottom of the bed. He shakes his eight year old brother Theo awake and runs to turn the bedroom light on.

“Theo, come on. It’s Christmas.” Theo wakes up with the light being turned on and stretches. It takes a couple of seconds for him to realise what day it is. They grin and yell between themselves as they find the toy cars they had been asking for, along with some sweets – their favourites – and £5 each. They wondered if they received what they asked Father Christmas for. Harry asked for books whilst Theo had asked for colouring pencils and paper.

Their parents stood in the doorway, smiling before they entered the room and wished them a Merry Christmas. Their father asked if the boys had been good during the year. The boys promised they had and made their way downstairs with their parents. Under the tree a large pile of presents stood and the boys eyes twinkled with delight as they made their way over to them.

After they sat down around the tree their parents make them take turns in opening their presents and with each one, squeals of delight could be heard as they received everything they asked for. There was a single present left under the tree – a large one. The wrapping paper was dark green and had stars on it and was wrapped with a red bow. Their parents told them it was a gift to the  both of them for being good throughout the year.

The boys ripped off the wrapping paper together and glances in amazement at the magic set in their hands. Magic was something they only saw on television and now they could learn it themselves. They stared at the front of the box before removing the lid and inspecting the contents. Inside a wand, a handkerchief, some cups, some dice and a few other items were placed neatly, along with a book that taught them the tricks. The boys were big fans of David Nixon, a well known magician, and always made sure to watch his show, The David Nixon show, after school.

Their parents smiled at the excitement on their boys face and watched as they flicked through the book and discussed which tricks to practice first. Harry was already taking control and deciding the tricks they would learn. Harry always liked to take control of a situation, liked knowing what they were going to do and when.

“Thank you. This is fantastic. I can’t wait to get started.” Harry hugged his parents, sat down and started reading the book. Theo, always the conscious and tidy one, cleaned up the wrapping paper and placed it into the bin and put the toys neatly into a pile underneath the tree.

Harry laughed, “Come on Theo, come and have a look at this instead of cleaning.” Theo sat beside who his brother who had already decided what trick they were going to be doing first. At the time they didn’t know how much that little box of tricks would determine their future.


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