Project Updates

So, I have a lot of projects underway! A lot more than I can actually handle but that’s the way the writer’s mind works – always on the go and the smallest of words or objects can arise a new idea. Although I am unsure when I will have the chance to finish writing these projects, or publish them, I thought I would give a quick idea of what I am currently working on and what’s in store for the future.


Parker is stalked by a childhood friend and has to start a new life elsewhere, with a new identity. She thinks she’s safe but then her past comes back to haunt her and she finds herself in a terrifying position. Will Parker be able to get through it or will things take a deadly end?

The Box

Adam has a troubled past with an abusive and alcoholic father. He finds himself finally moving on and starting a new life with his partner, Hannah, but what happens when he receives a letter saying that his father is dying and wishes to see him? He finds himself in possession of a box given to him by his father. Reluctant to open it at first, inside contains pictures and souvenirs from the good times with his father and Adam finds himself remembering the good times, and realising that is it time to forgive his father.

Blood Exchange

Kacie Eldeen finds herself entering the world of the Supernatural when she encounters Donn – who evidently rescues her. It doesn’t take Kacie long to realise the truth about Donn – he is a Vampire. Kacie and Donn’s relationship starts to go beyond that what it should and she is given the ultimate choice – Die or become a Vampire. Which path will Kacie take?

Jensen Garfield Series

A series of children’s stories centred around a 16 year old boy who discovers he has magical powers – when he isn’t meant to. Jensen is given a year to prove that he should keep his powers, but encounters many obstacles along the way. As well as fighting off bad guys who want to rule the world, he finds himself fighting against feelings for his best friend Jennifer. Can Jensen juggle magic, learning, school and girls, or will it all get too much for him?

Houdini Sequel

A sequel to Houdini based on Theo’s live after the death of his brother. How will he cope with losing his brother, losing his family and losing his career?


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