Inspiration is a weird thing, and can come from a number of places. I know my inspiration comes from sources that I least expected. But I take all of mine in my stride and see what I can do with them. Which is how 1943 came about. It would not be a topic that I would usually write about, or take interest in, but I listened to a story being read on a radio station and I knew that I wanted to write my own version of it and write about what happened next, as the radio story did not say that. The only reason I listened to the story in the first place is because Billy Boyd (Pippin from Lord of The Rings) was reading, and I’d previously met him and wanted to listen more to him. But as I listened the story started to play out in front of me and then I started to write it and it became 1943. I enjoyed writing it as it was a challenge for me to write something that I would not usually write but that’s a risk that I wanted to take and it seemed to work out well for me.

Houdini was inspired by a play that I saw and that is my proudest book. I loved everything about writing that, and even enjoyed the research that I had to do for the book. I am currently looking at writing a small sequel for the book that is  based on the other brother Theo once the first book has ended.

Things I hear and see at work become inspiration for me. I Do had some inspiration from work from colleagues that were getting married and had been married, and I used this information to make sure that what I wrote into I Do was correct, and also provided me with more material that I needed.

It’s funny. Because no matter how much I have going on writing wise, and there are a lot of projects that I am trying to work on, I always find that I am constantly finding ideas from people and conversations. The newest one, although not sure I will be continuing with it, is about a killer motorcycle that comes alive at night and goes on a rampage. Just from a picture on a friend’s desktop. The bike does look evil and that is how the idea came about.

I will always find inspiration everywhere and whether or not I write the idea that forms in my mind, it will never shut off and I will always be thinking about what I can do with something that pops into my mind.

So tell me, what are your inspirations? Is it fellow authors, items, words? Post a comment and tell us what inspires you to write.


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