Forms of publishing

Writing wasn’t a journey that I would have chosen. But unfortunately it chose me. That’s what writing does – it chooses you. You don’t suddenly wake up one day and so I am going to be a writer, you wake up and you think that you NEED to write, and that if you don’t you will not have any peace of mind. That is when you know you are a writer – whether you publish or not. That is when the real journey begins. It’s not a simple journey and it’s one that can cause a lot of issues for people.

Traditional Publishing

This form of publishing includes sending manuscripts, shortened to MS, to publishing companies in the hopes that they will take your books. If they do, then you are given a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the publisher and they take your book under their wing.


  • Backed by a publishing firm
  • Undertake editing, formatting and book designs
  • Promotion and Marketing are done
  • Guest appearances are more likely
  • More likely to get reviews


  • Can take a while to find a publisher
  • Payback advances they get
  • Publishers have control of the editing, formatting, book covers and some aspects of the writing and names
  • Publishers can take books out of print when they want

Self Publishing

This is taking the route of publishing the book yourself, and is the route that I have taken. Although this is an easier form, and allows the author to have more of the profit, it is also the most difficult form of publishing due to having to undertake editing and formatting yourself as well as sorting out your own promotion and marketing.


  • Quick publishing
  • More profit
  • Control of all aspects
  • If any updates or errors, easily fixable – especially if it’s an eBook


  • Own marketing and promotion
  • Book designs can be poor
  • Editing and formatting may not be undertaken correctly
  • Publishing can be expensive for paper copies
  • Difficult to get media coverage and guest appearances

So once you have written your story it is up to you to decide what publishing route you wish to take. Good Luck and all the best.


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