Review: The Town Halloween Forgot – K A Hambly

For fans of Mortal Instruments, this story of witches, magic, and spooky going-ons is a perfect addition for any horror fan. Sometimes Halloween is all trick, and no treat.

Danny Hallows is no ordinary fifteen year old. After his parents’ divorce, he relocates to a small Welsh town called Willow Creek where he accidentally sets off the beginnings of a 600 year old prophecy. Discovering his family are related to the last witch of the 1656 witch trials in Wales, he is faced with protecting his family’s legacy and saving Halloween from the dark sorceress Morwenna, who is hell bent on revenge for what Danny’s great-grandmother did to her all those years ago.

Can Danny stop the prophecy before it’s too late?


5 Stars:

This is a great novel by K Hambly. It has you gripped from the first chapter and drags you in deeper as you follow the lives of the Hallows and their coming to terms of magic and witchcraft. The characters are brought to life and you feel as if you are living the story with them. The writing style is simple but captivating. Definitely a must-read for all supernatural fiction fans and I await a sequel to this novel.



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