WIP sneak peek

So I am currently in the middle of writing something. Yes, you read right, I am writing once again. It is not thousands of words a day but I am getting back into it slowly after everything that has been going on lately. It is only going to be a novella and won’t be a long story but it is an idea that I have been having for years and seeing the episode of Bones that inspired it, I decided that I had to go about and write it. So here is the prologue chapter for the blog.

He knew what was coming next. It was always what was coming next. He cowered on his bed, brought his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around his legs. He could hear the heavy footsteps coming up the stairs and the grunt as he forced his door open and stood in the doorway.

“There you are you little fucker.” Adam looked up to see his father looming at the door. His father slammed the door shut and walked over to Adam’s bed – his footsteps heavy. Adam’s body had already started shaking but he tried not to let it show.

His father grabbed him by the arm and threw him onto the floor with a laugh. Adam let out a small moan but knew better than to try to get up. He felt a heavy blow to his side and moved his head enough to see his father’s boot meet his side. Adam flinched but he didn’t dare scream. That would be a sign of weakness and his father thrived on weakness – he fed on it. That was something Adam had learnt from a young age. To not cry or not scream otherwise his father would punish him further.

After what seemed hours, but in actuality was about twenty minutes, Adam’s father grunted and left the room, leaving his son’s beaten and bloodied body on the floor. Adam couldn’t move, the pain was unbearable so he laid there, waiting for his mother to come and tell him that everything would be okay. However, he knew that wouldn’t happen. His mother was too scared to say anything; she just stayed downstairs when his father was abusing him.

Adam tried to get up but he couldn’t. The pain shot through his body and he came over all nauseated. He let the tears he had held back roll down his cheeks and curled up into a ball wishing that someone would come and rescue him. That someone would take him away from his father. He always imagined there was a superhero out there that would come in and take him away from this place. That would teach him how to become stronger and help him to fight the bad people. However, that never happened.

Every night he laid in bed and prayed. Prayed that someone would come and help him and every night he was left disappointed when he realised that no one would be coming for him. That this was going to be his life now.

He fell asleep curled up in a ball on the floor. He knew by morning the bruises would appear and the pain through his body would be worse but he just wanted to disappear into the world of darkness for a while; to forget what was happening to him.


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