So I am hoping to be moving by the end of December (looking at roughly 27th) so I have started to pack up things already. And I didn’t know how much stuff that I had saved. Some of the items I haven’t used in years, and some I haven’t ever used, but I am unable to get rid of them. I have organised all my notebooks and writing stuff (18 notepads, 3 files, tonnes of loose paper and hundreds of pens) and my books. Books are the hardest things for me because although some of them I will not read again, and again some are ones that I have not even read, I am not able to get rid of them. I have a fear when it comes to getting rid of books which is why I have so many. I have a collection of 20 encyclopaedias from 1969 (before the moon landing) that I have because someone told me they would be taken to the junk yard in the end – and that was something that I could not do. Turns out, in the end they became useful because I ended up hosting a book badge for my Cub Scouts and they were necessary for the badge. So in the long run, they were meant to come to me. I have packed up some books but I will not be getting rid of them, they are just ones that I do not plan on reading again, or will not for a long while.

I have a long list of books that I have still yet to read on my shelves, and on my Kindle. And it increases more than it decreases. I really do need to try and get back into reading more because it is very comforting. I am currently trying to read Game of Thrones (a series I started a year ago and am still on book 3 part one) but I keep switching books depending on my mood and what kind of thing I am after. I am also reading books about serial killers and violent criminals. Yes, very happy reading I know, but I have an interest in that kind of thing.

Anyway, the move is something that I am very much looking forward to. There has been so much going on in my life lately I am looking forward to starting afresh elsewhere and forgetting everything that has gone on around here. I lost some good friends this year who weren’t willing to stand by me during my bad times, and although it has been difficult, I realise it was for the best because I deserve people who are going to treat me right and stick by me. So bring on 2015 and the new start that it is going to bring me.


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