New Release

So an author that I have met online has just published her first book so I thought I would post it here. What I have read of the book seems great and definitely on a par with 50 shades. So I give to you: Feet First by Kate Zarebski (Which already has 3 5* Reviews)

Feet First:


Abigail Swan, a 26 year old, Literacy Student at Bristol University has no room in her life for men. After fleeing her hometown, Abi has made a life for herself and the last thing she wants or needs is another relationship. However, what she didn’t count on is the mysterious stranger who sets her on fire from the very first touch

Lucas Thorne, 34 years old, tall, dark, sexy and owner of Thorne Sports is a man that knows what he wants. Lucas specialises in one-night stands, but from the first meeting, dance and kiss he wants Abigail Swan and he will stop at nothing to get her.

Their relationship begins in a most unusual way with them both jumping in feet first. The chemistry between them is intense and electric. Due to her past Abi makes it very clear to Lucas that he must be honest with her after she tells him what happened. If there is no trust, there can be no them. Frightened of the depth of his feelings for her, Lucas agrees. However, in agreeing to this, Lucas has to do the one thing he swore he would never do. Lie.

As strange events start to take place, Lucas finds himself lying more in order to protect Abi. However, by protecting her, he is placing her in danger. Abi has no idea what the hell is happening and looks to Lucas for support. Lucas knowing who and what is behind the events is still unable to tell her the truth. How can he tell her the truth when he is doing the one thing he promised he would never do? Lucas knows he’s not the person that he used to be and it’s all down to Abi.

They say pasts always have a way of coming back to haunt us as Lucas finds out. He will fight for Abi and their relationship because after all they have been through they can deal with anything, Feet First!

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