I moved to Stroud not having a job. I know most of you will say “but that’s silly” but I don’t think it is. Yes, it was a difficult move but it was something that I needed. I was unhappy where I was, and finding a job there was more reasons to keep me there – and I could not stay any longer. So I took the plunge and I moved to a different country. I have friends here so I wasn’t just moving on my own. Also turns out a girl I knew online lives around the corner from me so I now know a couple more people. And then I met my wonderful boyfriend on my second day here! (He’s a friend of my housemate) and it is all coming together. The only thing I am waiting for now is a job, but I have a few interviews coming up and I am hoping that by mid February I am going to have a job. So fingers crossed for me guys. I am finally living the life that I should have been living years ago. Bring on 2015!


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