Books into movies/TV

So my boyfriend is doing a film course and the topic of turning books into films came up, and so I thought that I would write a blog post about it because it is a topic that I feel quite strongly for. I do love movies of books I have adored coming out, and I do find myself getting excited and watching them, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t pick faults in them. From a glance the movies, in general, are great. They are action packed and fun and provide hours of enjoyment. But they never have anything on the books. I have never found myself saying that the movie is better than the book, and I don’t think we will ever be able to say that.

There is something about reading a book that is magical. Turning each page, not knowing what to expect, imagining the characters and the worlds. I love that excitement. Yet on screen it is always there for you, there is no imagination. They show what the characters look like, show you the worlds that they want you to see. I am not saying they do a bad job, generally they don’t, but a lot of the time, the magic is lost when you see it on the screen.

And there is always the loss of characters and plots. When movies are made there has to be a lot of changes, and sometimes plots have to be adapted in order to fit into the timeslot. And it can be really frustrating at times to see favourite characters and scenes removed or editing. As in Harry Potter, characters such as Winky and Peeves are removed, and for those who do not read the books, are missing out on the scenes that have given book readers emotions.

Some books are quite true to the books. The fault in our stars by John Green was a good adaptation and kept a lot of the key information and scenes within the movie. It is definitely one of the better film adaptations that I have seen. I have been impressed with the Harry Potter series and Hunger Games series, although there are a lot of faults and added/deleted scenes that have gotten me frustrated, but as movies they are enjoyable. It is only when compared to the books then you realise they are not that good.

One of the most disappointing books to movies I have seen are The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. The Hobbit was split into three movies and a lot of the time went off on its own accord and did not follow the books specifically. Although Lord of The Rings was an epic movie, when compared the books, it is poor. Due to the mass of the books, a lot of scenes were removed and even inserted into a movie that didn’t correspond to the books. On their own they are great movies but I am unable to enjoy them as much as I did now that I have read the books.

Overall, movies of books are enjoyable although there are many things that we can nitpick at. One thing that has become frustrating is when a book/series is turned into a television show. Because it never seems to follow the storyline. Examples are True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, Kathy Reichs series. Each of these has been made into a television show but after a couple of episodes they tend to branch out on their own and do not follow the books. Game of Thrones is a series that does tend to stick to a lot of the scenes and characters, and although each series is loosely based on a book in the series, they do tend to include the important chapters and facts from the books.

What is your opinion on this? Do you enjoy watching something based on a book or do you tend to watch without reading, or vice versa? Let me know!


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