Howdy Folks!

It has been way too long since I updated the blog and I am sorry for that. I have been busy with work and the weekends are spent with my partner. But I have not neglected writing, far from it. I was able to blast out 8k within a couple of days when I was ill and I have now been able to finish one of my WIP that I have been working on since the end of last year. It is a Novella, as I write best, but I am pleased to say that the first draft has now been completed so I am putting it through the editing stages before sending it to some beta readers before I publish it. I am excited to be sharing this project with you and will be posting some snippets etc from it over the next few months. I have also been working on some of my other WIP’s but am not sure when I will be completing these as my life has been hectic lately, but I am still writing, just not at the capacity that I have been writing in the past.

As for the personal challenge – that has not been going well. I haven’t lost the weight or been training as much as I would like because I have not been well, both mentally and physically, and so dieting/training has not been going according to plan, but I do plan on getting back on track soon and I am determined to complete the track – even if I have to walk it!!!

I have recently attended Cardiff Comic Con which was an absolute blast. I got to meet some pretty awesome celebs and once again had great fun Cosplaying. As always when me and my friend Cosplay a certain duo, we spent a lot of time having photoshoots. We took part in the masquerade and won best skit, which was great for us.

I have also been undertaking online courses and now have some more qualifications behind me. So I have been busy doing a lot of things lately, but I promise I will try and update the website a lot more. I am planning on doing some more writing and will hopefully be posting more about that but I am trying to make the website about more than trying to promote my books. So if there is anything that people would like to be blog about then please contact me. I would love to host other people as well so let me know if you would like a spot on the website 🙂




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