Apologies and Updates

First of all, I am so sorry that I have not updated in such a long time. Things have not been the best for me lately and a lot of stuff has gone on the back burner whilst I have been trying to sort everything out. Work has become uber busy and I have been working on my boss’ blog (http://jogler.wordpress.com) and so I have neglected my own, but thought it was time I built it up and got it to a standard I know that I am capable of now.

My mental health has not been the best and there have been some really difficult days, and my relationship has been rocky – mostly due to my mental health issues. But it is all coming together and by ensuring that I have more time for myself away from the social media sites etc I am slowly on a road to recovery. Helps that I have an amazing boyfriend who is sticking by me regardless of the shit that I have been throwing at him.

Updates wise. I have finished one of my manuscripts and am currently in the process of editing it and I am now working on finishing one of my other books. I am determined to start completing ones before I start a new one.

Sorry it’s a short update but I have to catch a train to London at 5:30am and it’s now nearly 5 and I have to get off. I have my run this weekend so I will post an update from that and some more information about my projects.

Over and out

Charlotte x


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