Manuscript ready

My manuscript, a novella of around 22,000 words has now been edited and I have just sent off for the cover (a colleague of mine is doing it who is amazing at Photoshop). Once the cover has come back I am going to start promoting it and posting some snippets in the run up to the release date – which has not been set but I am looking at next month, but I will post more when I know this.

I have a couple more stories I am looking to finish writing and will hopefully publish this year. Writing is becoming difficult at the moment for me because I am having a lot of issues and even having some time off work due to stress, and although I want to write (and I have some more ideas) I am unable to because I am feeling extremely down and unable to focus on much for a long time. But I am trying to write a few words here and there and hopefully the motivation will come back soon.

I will post more once I have book covers and release dates. The children’s book is still in the process of being designed and the website is created but I am not going to share this until I am ready. Hope everyone has a good weekend and if you are writing I hope it is productive for you.

Best Wishes


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