So you may have noticed that the website is currently undergoing a change. I have decided that I am going to work on making the website the best it can be. I was trying to do an original website but my coding skills are not what they used to be and I couldn’t even do the basics lol. So instead, my skills are going to go into making the blog better. I have started by adding a new header, and matching headers for each page.

I am going to be adding some more information, updating the book pages and creating a reviews page where I will review the books that I am going to be reading from now on. Although I do not read as much as I used to. I am also thinking of making some graphics that people can use for their personal use.

I am still looking to host people if you are interested. Just leave a comment or email via the contact page. I am looking to host book tours, interviews, guest blogs and even review your book. So just get in touch :).

Watch this space for more information and updates.

Best Wishes,



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