The Box Snippet

Adam awoke with a start, sweat dripping from his forehead and his body shaking violently. It took him a few minutes before he had controlled his breathing and the shaking had slowed down, his hands were still a little shaky and he took deep breaths to try and get his body back to normal. He heard movement next to him and a light flicked on, blinding him at the brightness. He squinted at the figure sitting beside him on the bed.

“Babe, are you okay?” Adam looked over at the woman next to him and nodded slightly. He wasn’t okay but it was obvious to both of them that was the case.

“Another nightmare?” She asked. Again, Adam just nodded and continued to focus on the wall in front of him. He could feel Hannah’s hand rubbing his back and he could feel himself beginning to relax and calm down. Hannah and Adam had been going out for a year – but they had not moved in together. She understood that he had a troubled past but Adam had never disclosed to her about the abuse, or the extent of what he had been through. He told her that his father had been an alcoholic and there had been violence so Social Services placed him in care, but he never opened up about the abuse he suffered. He told her that he did not have a good experience in the care system and he’d bounced through many homes and families, and there were issues with drugs and alcohol but he never said anymore than that and Hannah didn’t push him. Hannah laid back down; knowing better than to question him. Although it frustrated her that he would not talk about his past, she understood that he did not feel comfortable discussing it and knew that when he was ready he would open up to her. And she would be there waiting for him. Would be there when he looked for someone to pull him back up when he was down.


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